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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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maxx life! shop from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" . ben: tenuous sailors are being detained similar to the ones you seen here drifting into iranian waters. he defended his record in pushed for another democrat president. the powerball jackpot . it's now worth 1.5 . and it could hit 1.6 the
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. juliet: excessive was 500 million but now it's just ridiculous. if no one wins and everyone ends up with 1 million anyway . >> there was no line when i hopped off the subway. i am teresa. juliet is still under the weather today. can you do a twirl . [applause] ben: the brace is gone before i'm no longer in jail.
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but it's good . theresa: are you doing that drinking? ben: he never has a problem drinking. ben: mike: good morning. let's get you up and running.we have a few things happening . another wind advisory up there and it was for the entire tri-state but now has scaled back to the northeast section of new jersey. that's until 1:00 this afternoon with wind gusts at the neighborhood of 15/25 miles per hour. it happens right now.
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coming through newark and 22 in central park. 35 in bridgeport and those are your wind gusts. the actual temperature is pretty cold . 24 in central park in 26 in bridgeport and islip . it's a cold start to the day. with cold start to the day , the wind factor is down to 13. feels like seven and newark. clear skies coming up. the cold front is still working its way through with the clipper in the tri-state region. that will continue to drive the cold air through the . sun and clouds are out there with clouds getting up to 320. the precept will be windy and tomorrow we make it up to 460.
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come through on saturday. if not the issue right now. let's look at ynez rosales. ines: right now it looks good. things are fine in new jersey.let's go to the cameras and take a look at the online expressway. off to a good start on this wednesday morning. as for the bq he, you are fine. if you are taking on the train, it's running as scheduled. 10 sailors are being held by iran expected to be released today. the nine men and one women were taken into custody yesterday. iranian officials say they were into small patrol boats that drifted into
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the pentagon says they were between kuwait and buck rain. the secretary of state , john carey is supposed to tell us about their release. the us will unfreeze $100 billion and iranian assets. >> obama took an opportunity to dwell on the positive. it was his final state of the was nontraditional focusing on the future. joining us live from the newsroom with a look at what he had to say. >> in his state of the union address he says he is looking to the future , five and 10 years down the line. he took a look back highlighting accomplishments citing universal healthcare and a better economy. he said he will overcome fear of terrorism. >> the president of the
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[applause] in his seventh and final, obama outlined his vision for the future of this country. equal pay for equal work! >> he mentioned a stronger economy and improvements in education. he also urged politicians to put aside partisan differences and get along better. as the commander-in-chief, he tried to ease concerns about terrorism and asus. >> with 10,000 airstrikes, we are taking out their leadership , oil, training camps, weapons. he also alluded to donald trump and his suggestion to ban muslims coming into the us.when politicians insult muslims , whether a
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a mosque is vandalized, when a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. that's just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of the world. >> those comments received a standing ovation to donald trump tweeted the stated in speech is very boring, slow, lethargic and hard to watch. >> as he enters his final year, many americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. we are feeling a crushing national debt and a healthcare plan that is made insurance less affordable and doctors less available.
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many of our cities. we are facing the most dangerous terror threat our nation has ever seen and this president seems unwilling or unavailable to deal with it. kim davis was the kentucky clerk was jailed last year when she refused to issue marriage license to gay couples. she was a guest of jim jordan. there was an empty chair next to michelle obama and that chairs symbolize victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice. carrie, think you. governor lays out his agenda. freezing the tolls on the freeway and getting the homeless off the streets. he is also expected to touch on the corruption in state aid to public schools. chris christie took time off from campaigning to
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he touted his accomplishment saying jobs grew under his watch and home sales are up. he vowed to increase his commitment to drug treatment programs. the vic terms of addiction deserve treatment whether they are in the community or incarcerated. if we can break the cycle of addiction anywhere , he should break it. the democrats called the address a presidential speech and vowed to keep pushing him to pay mandated payments. the alleged rape of a woman by group of teenagers in brooklyn. this is is a fit suspect has been charged. four suspects face the judge yesterday. sex with the 18-year-old was consensual. one attorneys of the woman
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and smiling during the attack. >> it's not indicative of anyone please been beaten or bruised in is not indicative of anyone who shows bruises to their face. it speaks for itself. a picture is worth 1000 words and how much is a video worth? 1 million? >> is in it we spoke to her at the hospital and she gave a very credible report . she was injured and had physical injuries. she was traumatized. >> the chief says the boys told detectives that the woman was having sex with her father when they encountered them in the playground. the suspect was arrested at the school and he was charged with rape .the charges range from 10 50,000. they are due back in court on friday.approach on gun violence. they unveil plans to establish a done
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it will be in the state court building and it will only handle gun cases. a pair of judges will oversee indictments and trials. the nypd has created a unit that will focus on gun cases and also investigate intrastate gun trafficking. in an attempt to keep the guns out of this daily . >> are you going to buy your own? >> maybe my ticket will be luckier than the collect it. >> i would still come to work. ben: good for you! >> i think it could go higher like 1.6 . theresa: some people are dreaming of winning the
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i wonder if liz is among the dreamers? she has the latest.the 1.4 is in this trash. the powerball jackpot hit a record and it's worth 1.5 billion. it's so large that the electronic signs are made for it. handwritten signs are popping up throughout the city. new ticketholders had all six numbers saturday night with a $949 million drawing. new yorkers are hoping their local help them live out their dream. >> i just got my ticket and i feel good. god willing i get a piece of land with some rottweilers in a dog sanctuary. whether you are buying a single or part of an office
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winning are slim. how slim? one and 292 million. if you win, you will have two choose how to take the price. an annuity or a lump sum payment now. the winner new york city could take on the smallest prized things to high taxes . city residents pay 8.8 state tax and 3.3 federal withholding tax. the big apple winner would be left with 579 million if they took the cash payout. can you imagine? >> i would retire and leave. theresa: we can dream! ben: we can. it's a windy and cold day in the low 20s.mike has the forecast. we will have the latest hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em!
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hershey' s miniatures are
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welcome back. it's cold and windy. mike: there is a dew point at 60. wind out of the west at 15 mph and we have seen gust of two 25 and 30 miles per hour. just be aware of that . cold and windy.
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your face. you have 190 up in williamsport. the sky looks mainly clear and we'll see some sunshine up there but a lot of wind at the same time. for most of us, a good part of new jersey is out of it that we have the clippers swinging through the north east and it's bringing us the cold air. it comes to the precept we have seen maybe a few flurries of to the north. not so much here in the tri-state. there is a weak disturbance coming by tomorrow bringing us an increase in cloud cover. it goes out to the east of long island and i don't think it will be a big problem. there is an area of low pressure down to the south that swings through here
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it's sunny and cold today and the high temperature goes up to 31. 370 is your high-end 36 on friday. there is the rain on saturday with areas of low pressure working the northeast and bringing us wet weather. it is wet and not white as it stands right now. on the weather app , download it for free on fox 5 ny weather app. that spring in ines. ines: the construction is by 51st st. southbound. no problems northbound. it's go to the camera shot i the interchange. both ways will be fine but look out for an accident i atlantic avenue. no problems in the bridge.
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ben: they could be getting a new stable. the finishing touches go on a proposal that gets them off of midtown street. the new stable will be built in the park but it could only house 75 horses. one is compensation for the dozens of drivers will have to lose their jobs . theresa: joining us now is curtis. curtis: mike , they are talking out there. it's finally real winter. no more global warming! the me get this right bill says , on the first day he was sworn in, it was one swoop of his executive pen and they would be no more carriages and we will be stuck with the chitty bang bang. now he wants to cut the
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nice stable for the horses? ben: the teamster unit may get on board with this. curtis: how much is a paycheck? how many of them have been spending time in camp fed? leave the horses alone ! leave mister ed alone! let the illegal irish drivers stay in the park. as heavy as they are, they spend a lifetime to mount that carriage. they go around and around. ben: let's talk about the powerball. cash payout how much would
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after you paid off the ex-wives and child support ? would you have any money left over? ben: what are you? the irs? right now my assessment is minus . right now i was told i would not even qualify for layaway and if you can't qualify for layaway, you can't qualify for anything. i would actually have a credit rating. it would put me in the black and take me out of the red. theresa: i am surprised you would play. i am in a pool. if you don't abide by the rules , be careful of the bagman or the bad woman. they got all the advantages here. check the fine print. a lot of you are very trusting of your colleagues.when it comes to the money in that restaurant with those workers . they thought they won and
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boss and says he wanted to tell him after you. he gets tossed to the curb. theresa: ines is handling the office pools so we are good . curtis: she will be going back and buying the whole country of guatemala with that ! ines: i heard that! ben: 770. monday through friday from 5:00 6:00. >> he will share his winnings with you, i know it . ben: no, he won't . >> either we win or you win. he would be gloating. carmelo anthony and we get the latest in sports. there' s a place online
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than just yourself. lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. thanks to a couple of three-pointers and on the second anthony is up 10 at the break. duke: anthony is going to
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there. he would go off the court hollowing. he was in obvious pain with ace brain right ankle. he tried to return in the second half but it just wasn't happening. it's in the bottom of the screen. he finishes with 26 points. later, derek williams gets the huge throwdown.the next want to win 120/115. he faces the nets tonight in brooklyn. football news the ex-giants head coach met the 49ers yesterday about the head coach position. according to multiple reports the giants scheduled to meet with the offensive coordinator, hugh grant . the paper is pushing that . >> i think it could happen. the papers are saying that
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>> huge news yesterday they voted to move the rams back to saint louis. the team moves to the site of the old racing track in englewood, 10 miles from la. if you ever thrown into flown into lax, it's right near there. it's the nation's largest media market. they are about to lose their football team. the devils were there to face them . they find patrick in the
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